Waxing Tips:

Waxing Tips:

• Hair should be 2-3 weeks grown for body waxing. About ¼- ½” in length.

• We recommend you take 2 Ibuprofen 45 minutes prior to appointment. This can make the treatment more comfortable and also reduces inflammation that naturally occurs when waxing.

• Our Estheticians are happy to perform your bikini wax during your cycle. Please note: the area can be more sensitive during this time of the month.

• Congratulations if you are expecting! We are happy to accommodate any of your growing needs. Please note: the bikini area could be more sensitive during this time.

• Tanning: We suggest refraining from tanning 48-72 hours before and after your waxing treatment.

• Spray Tan: We suggest you get your waxing treatment prior to your spray tan.

• Medication: If you are uncertain about any medications you may be taking please consult your Dr. before scheduling your appointment.

If taking Retin A or any medication that makes your skin light sensitive, we suggest refraining from these topicals both before and after your waxing treatment (7-14 days). Please be sure to tell your Esthetician of any medications.

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We understand waxing can be scary, we are happy to walk you through this process
and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to make you comfortable.
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